Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Minebea Intec offers a comprehensive portfolio of products across the manufacturing process of its customers, from goods-in to goods-out, from platform scales to process vessel and silo scales to checkweighers and foreign body detection equipment. Their strong R&D capabilities, including software development, have resulted in a technological market leading position in several product segments. Global sales, service and manufacturing footprint, allows them to provide their international customers with the best possible service and support.

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Economy EX Stainless Steel Scale

Sartorius Economy EX Stainless Steel Scale: Capacity- 3-3000kg, Resolution- 0.2-200g, Pan/Platform- 11 to select from

Maxxxis 5 Process Controller

The freely programmable process controller, designed for applications as diverse as Phase, Batching, Filling, IBC, Counting and Truck Weighing. Extensive more…

IF Series Mild Steel Flat-bed Floor Scales

IF Series floor scales are flat-bed scales that are available in various sizes, designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. Perfect for use in the chemical, more…

Compact Compression Load Cell

Sartorius PR 6211 Compact Compression load cells from 30 kg to 10 t

Combics SS Scale Bases Series

With the Combics product family, Sartorius offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metal more…

PR 5210 Fieldbus Transmitters

The compact process field bus transmitter for particularly easy connection of tank or hopper scales to PLC over Profibus or analog 0/4-20mA output connection. more…


Sartorius CoSYNUS

WM Checkweigher

Sartorius WM-CW WM Checkweigher

UniCon Ethernet Data Collection Software

UniCon Ethernet Data Collection Software: Software for collecting data for Sartorius scales via Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Process Indicator X3

Sartorius PI X3 Process Indicator

Combics EX Indicators

Combics provides support in all areas of your process chain, from manual formulations up to PC- controlled production checks. The easy to operate concept, more…

Midrics Extend Series

The new Sartorius Midrics Extend Bench Scale line is available! With a choice of four Combics platform sizes in either mild steel or stainless steel and more…

Combics Pro Weighing Terminal

Sartorius CISPRO Combics Pro Weighing Terminal

SYNUS Modular Checkweigher

Sartorius SYNUS-CW SYNUS Modular Checkweigher

ProControl for Windows License

ProControl for Windows License: Modular system for statistical process control as described in Average Weight Control regulations and Statistical Process more…

ProRecipeXT Software

Powerful software for the operation, supervision and control of manual batching and weighing processes.

OPC Server

Sartorius OPC Server: Standardized interface for integration of Sartorius weighing equipment in higher-level electronic data processing systems.

Combics Indicator Series

Combics can adjust optimally to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options. Three indicator more…

Midrics Indicator Series

"Power on, weigh; job finished." An industrial scale has to be that simple to operate, and at the same time totally reliable and easy to clean. A lot of more…

Batch Controller ProBatch +

Batch controlling enables management of data on raw materials and recipes and serves as a central operating station for dosing applications to implement more…

Dymond S X-ray

The Dymond S sets a new benchmark in the field of horizontal X-ray inspection technology. Specifically designed for the food industry, the unit provides more…

Synus Series

Sartorius SYNUS is an entire series of modular-designed standard stainless steel checkweighers for medium-high to high requirements. The characteristic more…

GMP Connect

Sartorius GMP Connect: Verifiable PC-display or remote display for Sartorius scales, meets the requirements acc. to cGMP.

Basic Process Indicator X1

Sartoris X1 Basic Process Indicator

IS Series Platforms

High-resolution weighing platforms available in various sizes and designs. They feature a choice of digital interface ports and can be supplied as High-Resolution more…