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OVERHEAD: Dynamometers & Crane Scale

Overhead weighing equipment, such as dynamometers and crane scales, are used in a variety of applications. A dynamometer measures tension force between attached shackles. Elevator Service Companies use dynamometers to help them evaluate the elevator safety. Dynamometers or tension meters can even be used for testing cellular wires. Dynamometers can come with a variety of handles, grips and hooks.

Crane Scales are used to measure the weight of an item attached to the crane. These can be from a small overhead scale for fish up to weighing and managing containers for the shipyard. Crane Scales tend to be more bulky in size but will always provide consistent measurement of large materials.

When choosing a piece of equipment, there are several criteria to consider:

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
  • Accuracy/resolution
  • Display: Digital or Analog
  • Remote Readout
  • Environment
  • Certability

We offer OSHA Overhead Training service.

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Ensuring your Dynamometer or Crane Scale is accurate is essential.


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