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Whatever your application – heavy or light capacity; portable or permanent; mechanical or digital, The Scale People can help find the right solution for you. The Scale People have earned their reputation by providing durable, dependable and accurate lines of scales for any application. The Scale People Team have years of field expertise ranging from truck and airplane weighing to crane scales and dynamometers to laboratory quality control.

Criteria to consider when buying a new scale:

  • Capacity – Maximum Weight to be measured
  • Resolution – how accurate do your measurements need to be 0.1 oz, 1 lb, 1 g?
  • Environment – harsh environment require a scale with IP 68 and be built by the high quality manufacturer to ensure that can long service life.
  • Test Material Size/Container – Material can be weigh as a single unit or contained in a group. Scales can accommodate a small box to barrels and gaylord containers.
  • Display – sometimes the display needs to be in a remote location, scales have remote and wireless indicators available.
  • Data Communication – How and what data do you want transferred between the scale and other networks.

Our experienced sales team can help you choose the perfect scale for your application. We represent multiple Manufacturer and can find you the right equipment for your budget. Call or Email Us or complete the contact form to the right for more information.

Scales come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application.

We offer the following scale types:

Floor Scale

Bench Scale

Platform - Remote Indicator

Explosion Proof





Manufacturers that we represent:

Services For This Product:

We have a World-Class Service department that can provide any maintenance or repair needs you have for any scale model or manufacturer. Services Include:


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ISO Calibration Certificate

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