In quality assurance, a constant effort is made to enhance the quality practices in the organization.

  • How We Deliver

    The Scale People specialize in quality calibration and repair services on balances, scales, load cells, dynamometers, moisture analyzers, thermometers, test weights, torque wrenches, in motion weighing systems, as well as a large selection of additional laboratory equipment.

    Our sales team prides themselves on their knowledge of the industry and staying up to date on the newest trends and has over 35 years of experience in weighing and measurement equipment.

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  • Mission

    World class service and sales is our goal and we achieve this by being a customer central, customer driven organization.

    The Scale People have created a sales and calibration infrastructure designed to provide complete certified sales and calibration at your facility or in our lab.

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  • Total Care Services

    All of our technicians are factory trained and up-to-date with current industry standards and are qualified to work on an array of manufacturers.

    Our approach is to offer unique programs that bridge the gap between routine cost and your equipment accuracy. The goal is to improve your bottom line.

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  • Load Cells and Their Impact on Materials Testing

    Materials testing is the main process of measuring the physical makeup and behavior of objects and substances under different sets of conditions. The purpose of this testing is to make sure that the safety and reliability of structures, products, and constituent materials… Read More

    Apr 12

  • A Helpful Guide for Dynamometers

    A dynamometer, or “dyno” for short, is a helpful device for measuring force, moment of force, or power. For example, the power that is produced by an engine, motor, or other rotating mover could be calculated by measuring both torque and rotational speed…. Read More

    Mar 22

  • Paint Weighing Solutions

    The paint industry requires maximum dosing accuracy to ensure everything is right. In order to execute formulations to a standard, ADLER-Lacke wished for the best possible readability for the weighing of container tanks. If you’re curious about the best weighing solutions for… Read More

    Mar 8

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