Custom Weighing System

We have worked within several industries to help innovate the way things are weighed. Whatever the application, The Scale People can help to find a solution.

USPS – Mail Scale

Developed new scale for USPS to automatically and accurately weigh mail to be sent via aircraft. System would measure and record weight then assign a plane and generate a ticket. This automated system has allowed for greater efficiency and saved thousands in administrative work.

Peanut Scale

We are the sole provider of peanut scales which includes a specific software program that allows for data transfer into inventory system.


We have worked with scale and software partners to deliver a full range of cannabis weighing devices. From agricultural weighing via Crane, Barrel or Bench top to Quality Control analysis of samples via balances to Retail Scales. We have all scale equipment needed. We work with a 3rd party software that helps cannabis growers and dispensaries easily report to state regulated software and systems.

Dialysis – US Rental

In 2009, The Scale People were approached by one of the top dialysis clinics to design and produce a weighing system that had very specific criteria. It must be easy to use, measure accurately and quickly and be low maintenance.

With this information, The Scale People produced a specialized Dialysis Weighing System, that is being used nationwide and becoming the standard for dialysis clinics.

The system includes a weighing platform for patients including patient in wheelchairs. There is an indicator that can be mounted to the platform or wall mounted. The indicator is simple and intuitive. It has a printing attachment that will quickly and easily produce documentation for patient records.

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The Scale People is proud to have more than 40 years of experience in providing quality sales and calibration infrastructure designed to provide complete certified sales and calibration at your facility or in our lab.

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