Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals requires companies comply with a variety of regulations. Its important to understand which products and services need to be compliant as well.

Weighing materials is an essential measurement. Some products require minor ingredients that will significantly effect the final product if added incorrectly. Large Tank & Hopper weighing is needed for quality assurance and operation, many systems are automated and will fill according to measurements from the load cells, the weighing module attached to the feet of the system. Accurate measurement and reliability are critical for load cells. We offer load cells designed for the harsh washdown environment of Pharmaceutical manufacturers and have the advanced technology to integrate and communicate with PLC systems.

In the quality control lab, there are many precise measuring instruments that are needed. Balances will ensure accurate and consistent sample weights. Moisture Analyzers are used to determine the moisture content especially in pills or capsules. Material Testers are used to test various QC criteria for packaging, medical devices, syringes, finished product and more. Test Weights can be used for daily performance checks on equipment.

Equipment maintenance for Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires specialized service provider for equipment maintenance & calibration, who are not only accredited but have the experience and fully quality program. Balances and Scales need to comply with USP 41 which is offered as a service through our Advanced Calibration Service. Performing IQOQ is required for new balances and scales. We are available for repairs of any brand of scale, balance, load cell, moisture analyzer and utilize OEM parts when available. We have been subcontracted by several metrology departments to complete calibration and validation services for this equipment.

Our Lab People team will have more information on laboratory equipment, supplies and service for Research & Development, Clinical Trials and Quality Control Labs.

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