Medical Dialysis Weighing

Medical Scale WeighingIn 2009, The Scale People were approached by one of the top dialysis clinics to design and produce a weighing system that had very specific criteria. It must be easy to use, measure accurately and quickly and be low maintenance.

With this information, The Scale People produced a specialized Dialysis Weighing System, that is being used nationwide and becoming the standard for dialysis clinics.

The system includes a weighing platform for patients including patient in wheelchairs. There is an indicator that can be mounted to the platform or wall mounted. The indicator is simple and intuitive. It has a printing attachment that will quickly and easily produce documentation for patient records.

Our system is available in multiple configurations depending on your needs:

  • In-Floor: this configuration allows for easy load and unloading of the patient, especially those in wheelchairs.
  • Above Ground: no construction needed for installation and can be easily accessed.
  • Wall Mounted: perfect for clinics with limited space, this units can fold down from the wall to get patient weights.
  • Portable: having a mobile scale can allow for easy weighing of patient, including those receiving at home care.
  • Indicator: clearly and simple get weight measurements with our LED display. Indicator has printing feature that can produce paper or labels that can be retained in medical records.
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