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Force Measurement

Material Testing Instruments are used in quality control environments for product testing. Material Testers will help measure various quality control criteria to adhere to the international standards for any industry.

These testing machines will help determine the physical and mechanical properties of raw materials, components and finished products. This equipment is used for:

  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Personal Care Manufacturing
  • Components
  • Packaging
  • Food Texture and Analysis

When choosing a material testers, there are a variety of criteria to consider.

  • Test Stand
  • Test Material
  • Metrics
  • Grips & Fixtures & Adapters
  • Data Communication
  • Reporting
Call our application specialist today to learn more about material testing instruments. We represent the premium material testing instrument manufacturer, Ametek-Chatillon-Lloyd Instruments.

Test Stands

Force Gauges



Manufacturers that we represent:

Services For This Product:

We can provide calibration service with NIST and ISO calibration certificate. Other Services we offer for material testers include:

Calibration (Non-ISO or ISO), Repair, Rentals, Programming, Installation and Set up.


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Programming & Set-Up

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