Buy the New Entris II Balances!

Buy the New Entris II Balances!

Check out the new Entris II balances for laboratory and manufacturing industries!

Whether you are in the biopharmaceutical industry or another manufacturing industry, Sartorius is a brand you can trust for the most accurate balances. The Scale People is proud to feature the new Entris II NTEP approved balances as one of our monthly featured products. With either their precision or analytical balances, you can expect the highest quality for a fair price.  

About Sartorius

Sartorius is an international leader in providing high-precision balances for laboratories. This company has about 150 years of German engineering experience, and this legacy shows in its outstanding products. Sartorius mainly supplies balances and other equipment to biopharmaceutical manufacturing and life science research companies. They simplify and aid the creation of safe and healing medicines and aid the discovery of potential therapies.

Entris II Essential & Advanced Lines

The Entris II balances offer exceptional functionality, and one can choose from over 80 models. The balances come in two categories, the advanced and the essential lines. The Entris II Advanced line has additional features including 13 built-in application programs, CalAudit Trail, real-time level support, and more. The Entris II Essential line is the only balance collection that offers the quality and applications that it does at a budget price. The Scale People is happy to help supply you with the kind that meets your needs.

Top Features

For any of Sartorius’ Entris II balances, you can expect the following benefits:

Ease of Use

These balances’ ease of use covers everything from simple leveling to easy to read screens to easy touch screens. The balances’ feet are easy to adjust and LED and touch technology make results readable and usable. 


Another essential and useful feature that Entris II balances have is connectivity to applicable PCs and other equipment. With the technology’s plug-and-play capabilities, your printer or computer can automatically detect a Sartorius balance in action and immediately enter and save data into an Excel spreadsheet, for example.


CalAudit trail technology allows companies to have accurate and instant documentation with a date and time stamp. This documentation is essential for tracking calibration and leveling.


Entris II covers all calibration needs. All models include internal calibration, external calibration, and adjustment to ambient conditions. With the readable touch screen, it is easy to control all these functions.


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