What to Look for in Food Industry Scales

The food industry is carefully regulated, and for good reason. We hold food and beverage manufacturing facilities to a higher standard of quality control than just about any other industry. Scales play a crucial role throughout every step of the process—from the farm all the way to the distribution center. But for food and beverage manufacturing facilities in Chesapeake, VA, not just any scale will do!

food industry scales

Scales play a crucial role throughout every step of the food production process—from the farm all the way to the distribution center.

High Weight Capacity

Throughout the food and beverage production process, manufacturers weigh these products in bulk. Doing so maximizes efficiency and profits while simultaneously reducing waste. The higher the capacity of your scale, the more material your facility will be able to weigh. For your food production facility in Chesapeake, select a scale with a high capacity!

An Excellent IP Rating for Washdown

Even if you deal exclusively with food rather than beverages, you’ll probably want to opt for a washdown scale. One of the principles of hygienic design is that your equipment should be easy to clean; you’ll need some degree of water resistance to make them as simple as possible to wash.

You should never assume that a scale is waterproof. Look for the IP rating. Anything with a rating of 65 or higher qualifies as a washdown scale. The first number of the two indicates its resistance to airborne particles such as dust, whereas the second conveys its water resistance.

Accumulation Feature

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities in Chesapeake weigh quite a bit of material on any given day. To keep track of exactly how much total material you’ve weighed, you may want to select a scale with an accumulation feature. It is especially useful when dealing with a lower capacity than you’d prefer.

The accumulation feature will display the total weight of all items you have weighed on a scale until you reset it. This makes it simple as can be to ensure the accuracy and traceability of a batch.

You can’t overstate the importance of weighing in the food industry. For your food or beverage manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, VA, you’ll need a scale that’s up to the task.

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