Importance of Scales in Food Manufacturing

Importance of Scales in Food Manufacturing

Scales play an incredible role in the food manufacturing process.

The food manufacturing industry plays a large role in daily life that many naturally take for granted. The majority of all the food items people receive from the grocery store likely came through a food manufacturing facility at some point, whether it be the actual making of the food or the packaging of it. Making sure that every product comes out to required specifications and equal to the rest is a challenging feat, but food manufacturers do it every day with the help of weighing equipment. Below is the importance of scales in food manufacturing and how you can ensure yours stay in the best condition.

Why Weighing Matters

Weights play a fundamental role in many steps of the food manufacturing process. It is an essential way to ensure the highest accuracy in product quantity and quality. Using a container, such as a measuring cup, is simply not enough. Although one might measure a cup of flour, it could weigh differently from another cup of flour due to various factors. Therefore, you would ultimately not get the same batch of flour per product, because of the weight difference. Weighing new shipments, ingredients, and final products helps maintain accuracy at the highest level.

Types of Food Manufacturing Scales

Factories use different scales in food manufacturing to achieve different goals. 

A floor scale might be used to weigh in bound shipments of raw material. The personnel in charge will need to see that they received exactly the amount they ordered. However, they can also use them to measure the weights of bulk items further into the food manufacturing process. One can find food scales at food processing plants, receiving docks, and other places.

A bench scale is useful for measuring the weight of smaller or larger loads with great precision. A bench scale is standard for achieving equal ingredients, portion control, and quality control for final packages.

A counting scale is exceptional for smaller items. It has various uses in the food processing industry, including checkweighing, inventory management, measuring ingredients, quality control, and packing & shipping.

In-Motion checkweighers can be integrated into the current production line to capture the weight of moving products. These units offer automatic reject options that sort out the bad product which is based on an acceptable weight range. In-motion scales can be compact and easily added to an established line. Setups can also include metal detectors or x-ray systems which is a quality requirement in most food production facilities.  

Maintaining Your Food Industry Scales

The importance of scales in food manufacturing cannot be measured, but maintenance is necessary for them to continue their usefulness. The Scale People both provide quality weighing equipment, on-site ISO 17025 calibration, and repair services to ensure compliance during audits.  


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