In-Motion Weighing in the Food Industry

In-Motion Weighing in the Food Industry

Food manufacturing in-motion scales allow consumers to get exactly what they pay for.

In-motion weighing is how food manufacturing companies monitor the accurate weight of products as the factory is processing them. The aim of in-motion weighing systems is to enhance quality control. The weight of every product is a quality indication that what you buy is what you get, and in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, testing for quality can save thousands. The benefits of in-motion weighing in the food industry are great.

What Is In-Motion Weighing?

An in-motion weighing scale can look like many different structures, but typically, it will include a conveyor belt and a way to display weight results. The scale checks the weight of each passing product without slowing down its travels throughout the process. Load cells are located under the conveyor, and as products pass over, a data point is captured and sent to the controller.

Benefits for the Food Industry

Saving Time

Naturally, in-motion weighing saves considerable time in the manufacturing process. Food and beverage manufacturers do not have to worry about waiting for each product to have its turn on the scale and transporting it to its next location. The conveyor belt takes care of keeping traffic flowing while checking the weight.

Improving Efficiency

Weigh in-motion scales ultimately make the entire quality control process more efficient. They provide accurate data on product weights without slowing the manufacturing process. One can easily reject a product that does not fit the criteria.

Variable Features

In-motion weighing scales have different features. As mentioned, one could identify and reject a particular batch. Some products have adjustable conveyor belt speeds, can take an average weight sample, and can print out results. In-motion scales can also incorporate metal detectors so a single line achieves multiple quality checks.


Some scales are also automated. You do not need to have employees managing the scales themselves. Rather, you can let the machines collect data for you and let your staff handle the rest.

In-Motion Scale Maintenance

All manufacturing scales need maintenance, and these are no different. The Scale People can help you keep your food and beverage manufacturing process running to minimize downtime. With services for product installation, validation, and ISO 17025 calibration, your facility will pass all audits and maintain a quality standard.


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