Load Cells for Tank and Hopper System

Load Cells for Tank and Hopper System

You must make sure you’re picking the suitable load cells for measuring and testing if you are testing pharmaceuticals.

If you work in a lab, most notably a laboratory that tests for different pharmaceuticals, you must make sure you’re picking the suitable load cells for measuring and testing. Plenty goes into purchasing load cells for pharmaceutical manufacturing for tank and hopper systems within your lab. To learn more about selecting load cells and how to know if you’ve gotten the right ones for your tank and hopper system. Read on!

Vessel Weighing Point Requirements and Load Cells in Your Laboratory

You will need some average vessel information and weighing point requirements. You will have to provide your vessel’s dead load or empty weight, including any attachments, like mixers. You will have to provide a live load, maximum material weight, total weighing points, or several legs or gussets supporting the tank, required accuracy, and cable of extension needed length. Some other factors you should keep in mind are whether mixing, agitation, or seismic activity is ever involved. Is this tank cooled, or is it truly heated beyond room temperature? Are there any extreme ambient temperatures present, hot or cold?

Will the load cells or cabling be exposed to any corrosive agents for corrosion? Or will stainless steel hardware be required? You will have to specify the NEMA rating, and are the components located outside? For hazardous areas, are there components located in those hazardous areas? Make sure you determine which components are in the hazardous space and the hazardous area rating.

Different Mounts and Load Cells

Different load cell and mount types are available. Inteco, which took the place of the PR241/PR6246 S-Type, PR6201, PR6212 Low Pro, and Connexx Digital Load Cell Interface, are a few of them.

Mounts and Hygienic Load Cells 

At the Scale People, a wide variety of hygienic load cells and mounts are offered. They are Contego Hygienic, Novego, and PR6202 Hygienic.

Transmitters, Indicators, and Controllers

A variety of indicators, controls and transmitters are

available from the Scale People to aid in the production of

pharmaceuticals. You can use the Maxxis 5 (FM) Division and CAIXS2 Indicator

Division I for hazardous situations, Controller Maxxis 5 (Panel Mount Indicator X3), Transmitter with Display PR5230, Blind Transmitter PR5220, Maxxis 4 Panel Mount, and Maxxis 4 Enclosed. The Solo PR40, PR43, and PR47 have one single point for 7.5 kg to 500 kg, the Nito PR77 is a bending beam for 10 kg

to 500 kg, and the Tigo PR76 is a tension load cell for 60 kg to 5 tons.


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