Product Sorting for Food Manufacturing: Checkweighing Solutions

Product Sorting for Food Manufacturing: Checkweighing Solutions

If you’d like to learn about product sorting for the food manufacturing industry, you’ve come to the right article.

The poultry producer Valle Spluga SpA offers an extensive selection of different kinds of poultry. The food manufacturer asked for weighing solutions from Minebea Intec to categorize them with higher accuracy and speed. If you’d like to learn about product sorting for the food manufacturing industry, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn so much more!

Important Facts

To help ensure the high quality of their poultry products. Valle Spluga SpA directly manages all the phases of its supply chain. Before delivering to the retail trade and high-end gastronomy, a factory in Gordona processes these poultry products into the desired product. A new weighing solution becomes necessary for increasing sorting accuracy.

Application and Products Used

Two fully enclosed EWK 3010 checkweighers weigh out and sort out their products with high precision at higher speeds and are also resistant to harsh environmental conditions. The only product used was the EWK 3010 CD VV checkweigher.

Benefits for Customers

Some customer benefits include poultry weighing with high accuracy, weighing and sorting in six classes at a speed of 100 pieces per minute, simple cleaning of the systems, connections to a monitoring system, and SAP for recoding the weights of any individual articles, and traceability of the production.

The Project’s Goal and Implementation

For around 50 years, the Italian food company Valle Spluga SpA has been producing poultry of excellence. Their chickens are free to roam in large areas close to the Alps, enjoying clear freshwater and mountain air with a diet of plant-based foods like soya, maize, and wheat. To ensure high-quality standards, they decided to expand their historic production facility. This involved total refurbishment of their production lines and integration of two new storage systems to help guarantee high productivity. This is where Minebea Intec comes in to help. The weighing and sorting solution requirements had to be oriented to Valle Spulga’s product selection. For decades there were three kinds of poultry available: Galletto Vallespluga, which is around 500 grams, Galletto Valtellina, which is about 600 grams; and Gellatto Vallespulga, weighing at about 560 grams, destined primarily at gourmet stores with high-end gastronomy. Valle Spulga SpA then defined a high process speed as the overall requirement. Around the same time, the whole system had to be extremely strong for intense daily cleaning. Minebea Intec installed two fully cladded weighing and sorting systems with a standard throughput of about 100 pieces per minute. To learn more about this, call the Scale People today!


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