Testing Spaghetti with the TA1 Food Texture Analyzer

the scale people ta1 food texture analyzer

What is the TA1 food texture analyzer?

With the Spaghetti Compression Jig, performing a compression test measuring stiffness, bending strain at break, stress, extension, and hardness has never been more straightforward. The TA1 food texture analyzer can also determine dry spaghetti’s breaking strength and flexibility. Let’s explore more about this below.

Compression Testing

When determining the breaking strength and flexibility of dry spaghetti, the TA1 food texture analyzer performs the following:

  • Determine the strength of the Parent Semolina, or flour
  • Compare the impacts of product RH versus Environmental Relative Humidity (ERH)

The machine also defines stiffness, bending stress, bending strain at break, hardness, and extension. Besides compressibility, the system evaluates product recovery; and the springiness effect and assists manufacturers in calculating ideal cooking times, examining ingredients mixes, keeping production costs low, and understanding product behavior after freezing. The TA1 food texture analyzer can also assess product quality on various food items, including bakery, dairy products, gels, confectionery, and more.

TA1 Primary Features

The TA1 food texture analyzer has a data sampling rate of 8 kHz and can save up to 600 test results; it’s also multilingual. It has multi-unit display options, can export information directly into your Excel and Word templates, and includes a significant work area. For more information about this machine, contact Scale People at 1(800)451-9593 or email us at [email protected].


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