The Importance of Force Testing Uncertainty

the scale people Force Testing Uncertainty

Let’s look at common force testing situations and explain the importance of clarifying force testing uncertainty.

The importance of identifying force testing uncertainty must be evaluated when performing force testing. Uncertainty happens due to a combination of variable factors that result in errors that potentially affect the results of tests. The test measurements should be accurate as long as the variables are predictable. Let’s look at common force testing situations and explain the importance of clarifying force testing uncertainty.

Choice of Certain Fixtures, Couplings, Adaptors, and Grips

The option of certain adaptors to hold, grip, pull, or push a specimen must be factored into the equation of variables. A poor grip might tear or rip a sample, while misalignment techniques might impact test results. The goal is to equal upper and lower adaptors, so the force train is positioned in a straight line.

Grips are also a factor that contributes to test uncertainty. A poor grip choice can lead to inaccurate testing or sliding. Moreover, compression balls or swivels are ideal if specimens are not always correctly aligned.

Human Element Is an Important Part of The Uncertainty Chain

The human element also plays a huge role in the importance of identifying force testing uncertainty. The reality is that humans are not as consistent or accurate as machines. So, users must ensure they have excellent procedures and tools to reduce variations. Software protection prevents operators from editing essential test data and machine settings. Additionally, hardware protection ensures specimen testing is completed consistently.

Environmental Factors into the Uncertainty Chain

Lastly, the environment variable can affect force testing uncertainty, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and electrostatic can impact test results. When the sample sizes differ, then uncertainty will affect the test results. This is why excellent sample preparation is critical because it will reduce the variability between samples.

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