Weighing Solutions for a Brewery

Weighing Solutions for a Brewery

If you want to learn about weighing used in breweries, you’ve come to the right article.

Moby Dick Brewing Company required solid and efficient sales to withstand the canning environment with their production facilities. If you want to learn about weighing used in breweries, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn more about weighing solutions for breweries!

Key Facts

Moby Dick Brewing Company brews ales and different lagers in their hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. They produce American Style Lager, Irish Style Amber Ale, IPAs, and an English Style Porter among European-style ales and lagers.

Applications and Products That Are Used

Moby Dick Brewing Company needed a much stronger bench scale to measure batch ingredients and within their canning processes to verify the quantity tolerances. The product used was Puro SmallFlat compact scale, which is great for weighing purposes.

Benefits for the Customers

Puro outlasted four other branded scales, which also reduces expenditure and waste. The red and green light indicators will let the customer set their range and could also quickly adjust their flow rates as they can their products—reduced cost and wastage of labeling.

The Project Goals and the Implementation

Brewmaster Scott Brunelle at the Moby Dick Brewing Company was spending much money on bad quality bench scales that weren’t robust enough to withstand the canning process in the Moby Dick brewery. They used cheap junk scales at first, but they failed for different reasons. From here, they used a Puro Smallflat scale with a check-weighing feature activated. They needed to weigh fine ingredients for the batches but needed it to help verify a full scan of beer during the whole canning process. It worked great and continued to be so for months later. The Puro SmallFlat scale offers compact, durable, and multifunctional weighing solutions. It is an all-rounder with a big, bright display, tactile keys, a traffic light, user-friendly navigation, and the capacity to help weigh up to 30 kg. Since the Puro SmallFlat scale has been used in this brewery, they have reduced their expenditure on ow-quality equipment; they swiftly adjust flow rates according to traffic light indicators to ensure no under-filing and no longer waste labels. This is because labeling only takes if the can contents are in tolerance. They were prone to running out of labels before the canning run was finished due to too many underfills post-labeling. If you want to learn more about weighing solutions, give the Scale People today!


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