Why Analytical Balances are So Beneficial to Any Lab

Why Analytical Balances are So Beneficial to Any Lab

A common group of balances are known as analytical balances, and they are a step up in weighing accuracy than precision balances.

We all know that balances are great. They are super precise and perform their job of measuring mass to the best of their ability. But did you know that the balance type is dependent on it’s readability? A common group of balances are known as analytical balances, and they are a step up in weighing accuracy than precision balances. If your laboratory needs well-defined measurements, an  analytical balances may be a good fit

What is an Analytical Balance?

An analytical balance offers readabilities by 0.1 mg or 0.0001 which differs from precision balances which offer readability from 1 g to 0.001 g. Like all balances, they measure the mass of the object placed on it using load cells. But analytical scales take things a step further when it comes to measuring accuracy. Analytical balances can measure even the slightest fluctuation in weight, even down to the smallest decimal point. Analytical balances often feature a draft shield that helps to keep out any dust particles or drafts that could inadvertently alter the weight. These balances are a little more expensive than precision balances but are extraordinarily useful for any lab that requires perfect measurements.

Who Best Benefits from Analytical Balances?

Analytical balances work best in laboratory or research settings that deal with smaller amounts of product, samples, or small components hazards. They are also great for any research project or lab work that is performed at schools, college, or university settings. If needing an outdoor weighing solution, some analytical balance offer battery operation.  They also include draft shields that protect the balance from outside factors like filaments and wind drafts. 

Capabilities of Analytical Balances

In addition to the most precise measuring available, analytical balances can perform a variety of additional functions when it comes to weighing. Many are backlit for easier reading in darker or foggy environments, and some higher-end models actually offer dynamic weighing meant for measuring the rather unpredictable movements of liquids or animals. Most balances include standard features such as counting, accumulation, unit switching, below balance weighing utilized a lot in the cannabis or botanical industry, totalization, and more. 

Accumulation measurements, which are very useful for eliminating any annoying or tedious mathematical calculations, especially when dealing with tiny weights. This function allows for the collection of weights separately while recording the previous ones. The balance then can add up the previously recorded scales, eliminating the chance of human error during the math process. Lastly, it should be noted that analytical balances tend to have a weighing capacity range up to 500. 


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