3 Important Factors That Could Affect The Accuracy Of Your Weighing Scale 

 3 Important Factors That Could Affect The Accuracy Of Your Weighing Scale The Scale People

You see, the way the load is applied and loaded is critical to the results of your weighing scale.

The accuracy of a weighing scale is critical, especially in the manufacturing industry. You want to ensure that your weighing scale is up to date and accurate for your business to be successful. Therefore, if you have suspicions that your weighing scale isn’t valid, you may need to consider these three factors to make adjustments accordingly. 

Load-Cell Must Be Accurate

The load-cell, otherwise known as the significant weighing component of any weighing system, must function correctly. If the load-cell is malfunctioning, the results of your weighing scale will be inaccurate. Additionally, there are some elements you should take into accounts, such as response time, creep, nonlinearity, temperature, and hysteresis.

  •  Response time is referred to the time it takes for the load-cell to settle and give an accurate reading.
  • Nonlinearity refers to the maximum difference of the load cell’s calibration curve from a straight line.
  • Creep refers to the change in the load-cell output over time.
  • Temperature refers to the overall change in temperature that could lead to inaccurate weight results.

The Load Itself

The load itself is the next factor you want to consider that can cause your weighing scale to be inaccurate. You see, the way the load is applied and loaded is critical to the results of your weighing scale. A load that is improperly applied, such as a twisting load, could result in inaccurate results. 


The weight of the load must support the load cell. You see, when the load is resting on check-rods, bumpers, or any other stabilizing elements, the output can change. 

Take Environmental Factors Into Consideration

Several environmental factors could lead to inaccurate results from your weighing scale. This may include wind loading, vibration, significant temperature changes, shock loading, etc. Depending on the situation, you want to consider these factors to have an accurate weighing scale. 


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