Bakery Weighing Solution

Bakery Weighing Solution

If you want to learn more about bakery weighing solutions, you’ve found the right article.

With just one compact model from an industrial-scale series Puro, the Lyckans Bakery in Sweden is enjoying the benefits of increased precision and efficiency in many of its weighing processes. If you want to learn more about bakery weighing solutions, you’ve found the right article. Read on to learn about bakery weighing solutions!

Key Facts

The Lyckans wooden-fired stone oven Bakery produces a wide selection of bread, cakes, and other cereal-based specialties. The compact scale Puro SmallFlat will guarantee precise weighing solutions and results, increasing efficiency and product safety not only in the different stages of production but also within the product filling process.

Application and the Product

The compact scale Puro weighs ingredients and packaged products for the whole of the bakery’s extensive selection of goods. Depending on where it is needed, the scale could be easily moved between the bakery, café, and shop. The product used for this is a compact-scale Puro SmallFlat EF-SF2P3-30D.

Benefits for the Customers

Some benefits include precise weighing results up to a three kg capacity. Mobile, wireless operation with a very long battery operation time. There’s also easy charging via USB-C and feedback via traffic light function, and they’re very comfortable to use with daily weighing. Also easy to use thanks to the intuitive HMI and have a stable and robust design.

The Project’s Goal and Implementation

The Lyckans Bakery produces a lot of baked goods using various traditional methods. The individual ingredients are then weighed according to the recipe and worked in a kneading machine before they’re portioned out, refined, and formed by hand. The bakery’s product selection includes different kinds of bread and cakes, as well as crispbread, muesli, spreads, and pastries. These products are all available for customers to purchase from their café and shop. The bakery has many effects on offer, with its uses for scales being broad similarly. From simply weighing ingredients to checking the weights of pieces of dough and other pre-packaged products, the scales are applied for different uses, not only within the bakery but also in the café kitchen or shop. As a flexible solution to help meet all its weighing needs, the Lyckans Bakery opted for a compact scale, Puro SmallFlat, with some advanced application package, a 30,000 d resolution, and a three kg capacity from Minebea Intec. Thanks to its wireless operation, extensive battery operation time, and practical recessed grips on the underside of the scale, the Puro SmallFlat is flexible. This means it could be used for days at a time and moved from one weighing station to the next.


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