Hygienic Labeling for Food: Increase Productivity, Reducing Cleaning Time

Hygienic Labelling for Food: Increase Productivity, Reducing Cleaning Time

If you’d like to learn more about increasing productivity and reducing cleaning time while hygienically labeling your food, you’ve come to the right article.

R&J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers are using Minebea Intec WPL-S weigh price labeler mixed with Partner Phoenix software to help increase productivity in their business. If you’d like to learn more about increasing productivity and reducing cleaning time while hygienically labeling your food, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn more!

A Few Key Facts

Meat producers R&J updated their main weigh price labeler for a much superior product, known as the Minebea Intec WPL-S, which has increased productivity levels and reduced the factory’s overall cleaning time of machinery.

The Application and Products Used for It

The weigh price labeler WPL-S offers total traceability, hygienic designs, and a two-year warranty. In combination with Phoenix software, WPL-S enables customized measurement and labeling results. The products used were four weigh price labelers, WPL-S with IP69k 17-inch touchscreen.

The Customer Benefits

The hygienic design of the WPL-S reduces the cleaning and downtime to a bare minimum. R&J has found the best software interface to be very user-friendly, as well as finding all the connections, plug-in connections, IP waterproofing, and simple maintenance, all of which are impressive features.

The Project’s Goal and Its Implementation

Weigh price labeling machines are an essential part of the meat production process, so when R&J Yorkshire’s Farmers and Butchers were introduced to the Minebea Intec WPL-S hardware used with the Phoenix software, they opted for a high-quality and driven solution that would deliver real-time results. They considered alternative products but decided on the Minebea Intec WPL-S due to the quality, it is a much superior product to its counterparts due to the design, hygiene, usability, and durability, and they preferred the connections and plug-in ports along with the IP waterproofing rating. The WPL-S produces labels for different purposes, including calculation of price based mostly on weight, calculation of a best-by date, packaging, frozen or fresh, and calculation of cooking time based on the product and its size and weight. It is highly configurable, and customers can choose from different components, screen sizes, scanners, scales, printers, indicators, and endless software possibilities.

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