Weighing Solutions for Meat Processing

Weighing Solutions for Meat Processing

You’ve come to the right article if you’re interested in learning more about weighing solutions for meat processing.

The family-owned business in the Schleswig-Holstein area of Germany, Puro, ensures that portions of meat products are weighed precisely and accurately and that the accounting process is simplified through intelligent accessories. You’ve come to the right article if you’re interested in learning more about weighing solutions for meat processing. A lot goes into the process. Read on to learn about weighing solutions for meat processing!

Crucial Facts

Obendeicher Angus keeps and tends Angus cattle; following the processes, the different cuts are divided into portions, weighed, and then sold. The industrial-scale Puro and the corresponding printer have all helped the company make its processing much more efficient.

The Application and Products Involved

The industrial scale Puro is used at Obendeicher Angus to help weigh different meat products and to help check the quantity of pre-portioned products to make sure it’s all correct. The products sued were the Puro Scale Count and the Puro Printer.

The Customer Benefits

A few of the customer benefits included a traffic light function for some visual weight checks, fast and precise weighing results, and statistics printing, which helps with the accounting process.

The Goal of the Project and the Implementation

Obendeicher Angus’s main goal was to take the weighing and documentation of all its meat products to a new level. The focus here was on weighing individual products and internal accounting as quickly and efficiently as possible. Combining the Puro product LargeTall and the corresponding printer proved the ideal solution here. The scale impresses with its impressive, reliable readability of 0.2 g and a quick weighing result. The weight is displayed when the product is placed onto the scale, and the weighing result is stable in about one second. The Puro is used to check the weight of cuts of meat weighed previously and priced during the butchery process in the retail area within sight of a customer. The second display, which is then directed toward the customer, is useful here. In a few cases, Puro could add different portions of meat together and provide a printout with more information. It is not only the product weighing capabilities that impress many but Puro’s accessories too. The scale’s totalizing function means that the entire quantity of meat weighed could be accessed in the system at any moment and printed out as a document for accounting reasons. To learn more about weighing solutions for meat processing, visit Scale People today!


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