Checkweighing: Scaling Up for Larger Production Volume

Checkweighing: Scaling Up for Larger Production Volume

You have come to the right place to learn about checkweighing and scaling up for a more significant production volume.

Precise, rapid actions are essential in the fight against the ongoing pandemic. For vaccine producer Sinovac, Minebea Intec almost immediately met all technical specifications and was able to deliver in the shortest time possible. You have come to the right place to learn about checkweighing and scaling up for a more significant production volume. Read on to learn more!

Important Facts

Directly after the approval of their developed vaccine CoronaVac, the manufacturer of Sinovac,, faced the challenges of ensuring a significant production volume. This also included total control of fill quantities.

The Application and Products

A dynamic weighing solution at the end of a packaging line will ensure that the vaccine doses and the package inserts are all included. The main product used was the check weigher Synus.

Benefits for Customers

Higher output of up to 260 pieces per minute is one benefit. Some more include easy cleaning of the system, rejection monitoring to ensure the proper discharge, and flexible design facilities integration into the packaging line.

The Goal of the Project and its Implementation

When the biopharmaceutical company Sinovac received its Phase III clinical trial results of a vaccine and submitted its launch report to the China National Medical Products Administration, it began planning the production line for CoronaVac. Minebea Intec was then called in to provide design-in support in product inspection. With higher performance and environmental conditions in mind, Minebea Intec’s experts tested customer products and adjusted their parameters to help provide optimized solutions before production.

The Synus check weigher rejects vaccine dosages after packaging if the package insert of the vaccine dose is missing. The lower rejection weight is about 0.5 g of their final product at a quick rate of around 260 pieces per minute. The defective product packages are then discharged into a sealed transparent rejection container. To help ensure that inspected defective parts have been rejected, one other sensor has been installed after rejection to help trigger an audible alarm if non-rejected defective parts pass over a belt. Thanks to the incredibly flexible design of the Synus check weigher, the height of the conveyor belt might be adjusted. This made integration a lot easier. This high degree of flexibility proves advantageous while the complete design of the production line hasn’t been finalized yet. For this case, and any convenient later line changes, Synus could be flexibly adapted to working heights of around 600 – 1100 cm.


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