Tank & Hopper Weighing for a Paint Factory

Tank & Hopper Weighing for a Paint Factory

If you’re going to learn about tanks and hoppers considering for the paint industry, you’ve come to the right article.

The paint industry requires precise and maximum dosing accuracy. To execute formulations for a higher standard, ADLER-Lacke wanted the best potential readability for weighing all container tanks. If you’re going to learn about tanks and hoppers considering for the paint industry, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn so much more!

Crucial Facts

Since environmental protection plays a vital role with ADLER, the Tyrol-based family-owned company had plans to construct the most updated water-based paint factory in Europe using a unique process called “pig dosing.” Fifty stainless steel tanks have to be weighed to the top degree of accuracy for this 30 million project.

The Application and the Products Used

The applications used were precise weighing solutions and mounting kits for mixers, tanks, and container tanks. The products used were S-type load cell PR 6241 and a MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6043, Load cell PR 6201, and MaxiFLEXLOCK PR 6001.

Customer Benefits

Some benefits are professional consultation during the engineering phase with precise demo equipment. Uniform load cell mounting part dimensions of 2 through 30 t. Simple installation of compact and strong mounting kits. German quality is also involved for all customers.

Project’s Goal and Implementation

The ADLEY paint factory wanted efficient production solutions for producing high-quality water-based paints, and environmental protection also played a crucial role during planning. This idea might be realized with the assistance of Minebea Intec’s weighing solutions and a much newer production facility. Since then, around two-thirds of the roughly 10,000 paints produced by the company have been made on a water-dilutable basis, making the plant one of Europe’s most updated water-based paint factories. Over 70 stainless steel tanks, 50 of which are weighed, have all been installed in the newly erected production facility, along with 4,000 valves and around 80 km of pipes and cables. High-tech process control, ultra-modern plant technology, and some new production processes with semi-finished products for higher efficiency, quality, and flexibility. The issue from a weighing and dosing perspective is that 500 kg of liquid is discharged from tank A, and only around half might make it to tank B – the rest then remains within the pipe. This means that only negative weighing is possible for this. With an integrated pendulum support function, they will compensate for horizontal dynamics, while any integrated constrainers mechanically restrain a system and, around the same time, divert any transverse forces that might distort the measurement results past a load cell. To learn more about tank and hopper weighing, visit the Scale People today!


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