Benefits of the Quick Balance Tension Meter for Elevator Service Companies

Quick Balance Tension Meter for Elevator Service Companies

This article shares the benefits of the quick balance tension meter for elevator service companies.

Based in Mankato, Minnesota, Minnesota Elevator, Inc. (MEI) has nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, and servicing elevators for both industrial and commercial installations. In addition, Minnesota Elevator specializes in custom elevator designs/manufacturing, maintenance, and modernizations for various customers, including property management companies, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, to support infrastructure expansions or aid them in addressing their vertical transportation needs. This article shares the benefits of the quick balance tension meter for elevator service companies.

Other Company Projects

Besides these projects, Minnesota Elevator also maintains and services many traction elevators yearly to ensure each operates properly and wire rope tension is balanced. As a result, this task was arduous for elevator service technicians. To test wire rope tension utilizing standard equipment, it would take a service technician almost one hour to stress the wire ropes with a spring-type scale. This required a “trial-and-error” process to ensure each was tensioned evenly.

For elevator modifications, the time-consuming process took more than 2 hours. MEI personnel needed to weigh the elevator car before and after changes to ensure the elevator still exhausts a suitable load-defined at most a five percent increase in gross load. Additionally, their crews would need to turn the elevator down and place the car onto a crane scale to determine the elevator’s weight.

Use of the Quick Balance Tension Meter

After completing the elevator modifications, they would have to repeat the entire process. It was inconvenient to their customers and a significant labor cost for the company. Fortunately, there is the Quick Balance Tension Meter for elevator service companies. The Quick Balance safely measures wire rope tension and compares it to target each wire rope stored within the device’s memory. It also totalizes the collected measurements to produce the total elevator weight.

Also, the Quick Balance Tension Meter clamps on each wire rope and chooses the force rating (wire rope tension). Luckily, one person can operate it, which can be attached to measure the force rating and detached in seconds. With the device’s totalizer, a technician can inspect wire rope tension and determine the weight elevator in minutes without manual documentation or conversion charts. Consequently, the company saved time and costs with Quick Balance.

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