Certifying Your Scales

Certifying Your Scales

To learn more about how you can certify your scales, you’ve come to the right place.

The NTEP requires the industry to submit prototype weighing devices for evaluation to help determine whether or not it meets the specific uncertainties related to tolerances associated with the intended final use within the marketplace. All machines sold in the United States for “legal trade” must pass some evaluations.

The NIST Force laboratory serves as a kind of technical resource to the NTEP program by providing sound advice on requirements and test procedures to industry and NCWM Specifications and Tolerance Committee through the National Type Evaluation Technical Committee Weighing Sector and also by performing type evaluation tests of load cells from around 100 lbs through 120,000 lbs. To learn more about how you can certify your scales, read on!

Completing the Correct NTEP Application

First, complete the correct NTEP application. Submit it to the NCWM with your payment. The NTEP administrator will then review the application to determine if testing is required. The application is then assigned a Control Number (CN) and a lab to conduct an evaluation. The application will then receive a notification from the CN along with some information regarding the lab assignment from the NCWM.

From here, the applicant will communicate with the lab directly. Make sure to use the CN as a reference for your application. The lab and the applicant will talk about testing and deposit requirements and also schedule a delivery of the device to the lab or a field site for performance and permanence testing. The lab will process every device on a first come and first serve basis.

After the Lab Evaluation

Once the device has passed the lab evaluation, the lab personnel will draft a Certificate of Conformance. The NTEP Administrator will review and approve the data. Once approved, the CC will be posted on the NTEP CC Database. The applicant will then be notified by email that the CC is active. NCWM doesn’t issue any paper certificates. It is your responsibility to print out the CC for your records.

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