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The Straightpoint (SP) equipment is suitable for Jakarta, Indonesia’s monsoon season.

The Straightpoint (SP) equipment is suitable for Jakarta, Indonesia’s monsoon season. Wiguna Artha Lestari, lifting equipment and services provider, used an SP Radiolink plus load cell and Wireless Hand Held Plus to perform testing using a 50t capacity TG500E. Even though lifting operations terminated during heavy rainfall, the IP67 environmental protection signified that the load cell did not have to be pulled from the hook once the load was temporarily lowered.

Assignments in Wet Season at Jakarta, Indonesia

Stormy weather can hit Jakarta at several points during the year. Still, it’s especially likely to experience wet conditions when monsoons blow in from the east and south from June to September and in the northwest from December to March.

Moreover, the latest wet-season assignment consisted of Wiguna utilizing SP’s best-selling product, a 55t capacity Radiolink plus, and the handheld reading tool to load test a frame below the mobile crane’s hook and measure against rainclouds. Fortunately, the SP range provides Wiguna and their clients an excellent accuracy whether they collaborate with light or heavy loads.

Battery Power of the SP Range

Dharmadi, director at Wiguna Artha Lestari, emphasized the SP range’s good battery life. For example, the Radiolink plus functions with standard AA batteries that provide 1,200 hours of life. The Radiolink plus, RLP, is also supplied with a rate of 3Hz and can be configured to operate at speeds of up to 200Hz, making it ideal for dynamic force measurement. Since it’s built from aerospace-grade aluminum, it has an advanced internal design structure behind the high strength-to-weight ratio.

Wiguna also offered lifting equipment for different sectors such as construction, ports, oil and gas, mining, and all present applications that test their equipment’s durability. Although 5% of their work consists of crane testing and inspection, they use rigging gear and load cells for various applications daily. Despite the intensified competition in Jakarta, Wiguna is focusing on high-end clients and constantly seeking to add to its product portfolio to become a more productive and efficient company.


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