How Scales Improve Inventory Management Efficiency

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Hate inventory management? Make the long process of inventory more efficient with scales!

Almost every business deals with inventory stock. Regardless of whether your business is in food, manufacturing, storage, shipping, or retail, you likely deal with keeping track of the inventory of the products you sell on a daily basis. Regardless of the product being sold, inventory is a very tedious process. Most businesses must update the inventory on an annual basis to ensure they are selling efficiently and not overstocking. Inventory management is also an important step in determining what products are best sellers and which aren’t, which is crucial to developing a profitable selling plan. But, there is one tool that can make the daunting task of inventory management much easier– weight or counting scales. Here’s how scales can help make inventory management much more efficient overall. 

Scales Have Helpful Features

Scales are made to weigh items in whatever units you desire. But, most scales offer more applications than just basic weighing of items. For example, a scale can have parts counting, batching, and accumulation-based features to help with inventory management. Parts counting is a characteristic of scales that can count identical items or parts of items automatically. This is especially useful for retailers that carry a lot of stock of the same products, as it reduces the risk of human error. Secondly, batching is the ability of scales to set a certain amount of items grouped together as a “batch” of products. This means that if there are any weight discrepancies found, there is likely an issue with that particular batch of products. This would be very hard to determine without the use of scales. Lastly, there is accumulation, which allows for weights to be stacked as specified. This is very useful for retailers that buy and sell their wares by weight.

How to Program the Scale

Most modern scales are customizable and easy to program. Two ways that scales can be programmed to help with inventory management are through preset tare functions and scale connectivity. Preset tare functions are great for removing any unnecessary weight from your scales, such as boxes or shipping containers. All you’ll have to do is weigh an identical empty box or container before weighing, and the scale will then subtract that weight from the actual product. This is a smart solution for businesses that need exact measurements, such as medical laboratories. Secondly, there is scale connectivity to consider. This is a function that is useful for companies that may require more than one scale in their manufacturing process or want a way to record the data displayed on the scale controllers or indicators. Scale connectivity can occur via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, or other connectivity port and allows for monitoring, process integration, and saving of data and numbers.


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