5 Medical Balance Maintenance Tips for the Most Accurate Results

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Making sure your medical balance is accurate helps keep people safe.

If you work in a medical facility or laboratory, you know how important an accurate balance is. In some cases, people’s lives can depend on precise weight measurements in medicine, blood for transfusions, or surgical material. Therefore, keeping your medical balance in check is crucial for any medical lab tech, nurse, or doctor. These are five tips on how to maintain your medical balance for keeping results reliable and patients safe. 

Find The Best Place for the Balance

Make sure that your medical balance is physically located in a place where accurate results can be determined. This includes making sure that the medical balance is placed on completely flat, sturdy surfaces such as a weighted table and avoiding carpet or additional padding, which may skew results.  Make sure to keep balance out of any direct air flow.

Perform Basic Balance Maintenance

Every so often, you should inspect the balances you use to make sure they are not suffering from physical problems. This can include checking for obvious signs of damage, making sure the AC adapter is still viable, and changing batteries when needed. Also, it is important to note to only use an AC adapter that is compatible with the medical balance. Otherwise, you run the risk of internal damage. 

Clean the Medical Balance Periodically

Before cleaning, make sure to completely unplug the balance from any electrical power source or outlet. Using a damp tissue or cloth with a mild soap solution, clean the outside of the balance and then dry with a towel. Make sure to never use any abrasive substances that could damage the medical balance. 

Storage is Important

Medical balances should always be stored away in a safe place when not in use. Make sure to store them in a clean and dry place like a closet, cabinet, or laboratory rack. It is also very crucial to keep a close watch on the overall heat and humidity of the storage area since humidity can mess with the medical balance’s internal structure. 

Learn to Test and Check the Medical Balance

When testing the calibration of the balance to measure its accuracy, make sure to only use certified calibration weights made for testing and contract a ISO accredited calibration company to ensure accurate and traceable service is completed on the unit. Using an uncertified weight may not be completely accurate down to the last decimal. Also, make sure to never drop weights onto the balance , as that can damage the internal load cells. Weights should always be gently placed onto the center of the balance to prevent any unnecessary damages.


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