Why a Body Composition Scale is a Must-Have for Any Medical Facility

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A body composition scale is a great addition to any medical facility, as it can fulfill a variety of roles.

No matter what sort of physical health your practice specializes in, body weight plays a significant role. Bodyweight not only can determine statistics about a person’s body, but it also can allow for doctors and physicians to gain accurate predictions about how much medication to prescribe or dose, nutritional recommendations, and other helpful information concerning the patient’s health. Overall, having a proper body composition scale is overwhelmingly important for any medical facility. Want to learn more about the must-have benefits of a body composition scale? Look no further than this blog. 

What is a Body Composition Scale?

A body composition scale essentially weighs a person’s body weight. But many scales can perform a variety of different functions as well, such as calculating muscle mass, body fat, and metabolic rate through a variety of functions. These types of scales are very popular for use in gyms, fitness studios, and with dieticians, but they are also extremely useful for medical settings as well. Getting these specific measures is actually from a very tiny electrical current the body composition scale releases from its base. The current is completely safe and does not affect bodily function. This is very useful because the current is run at different speeds through different body tissues like muscle, fat, and water. This speed is then used to determine how much of each is present in the body. Scales are usually 97% accurate when it comes to determining body mass.

Types of Measurements Scales Can Cover

A body composition scale generally has a lot of different computations it can calculate, whichever is best for your needs as a medical facility. This can include body mass index, or BMI, which is probably the most popular form of measurement. While BMI can usually be estimated using an equation, a body composition scale can achieve a much more accurate representation of a person’s body mass due to how every body is not exactly the same. Body composition scales can also measure other helpful metrics such as edema index, which is helpful in determining possible kidney disease, skeletal muscle mass, bone mineral content, metabolic age, body type analysis, and many, many more.

 All of these are crucial to the operation of many different medical practices, such as urologists, nephrologists, primary care physicians, and emergency room personnel. Consider adding one to your facility, laboratory, or office today. 


The Scale People offer a full range of body composition scales, both new and used.  If you are looking for lightly used, full sized Body Composition Analyzer please reach out to our sale team.

New to the market is the Seca mBCA 514 and 554 scales.

These offer 

  • BIA measuring periods between 17-24 seconds
  • BIA Measurement Segments: Right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, right half of body, left half of body, torso
  • Measuring Method: 8-point Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • A wide BIA measuring frequency

As a certified distributor and service provider of Seca products, we can offer sales and service support for the Seca product line.

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