How to Minimize the Impact of Static Charge to Increase Accurate Weighing

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What is static charge?

It can be challenging to achieve accurate results even with the best equipment. This is because of external factors such as humidity that can impact accurate weighing. Additionally, a static charge is one external factor that might not be on top of your mind. This article will explain how static charge can impact precise weighing and how you can reduce it to receive accurate results.

How is Static Charge Made?

Objects generally have a balance of negative and positive charges. In addition, static electricity is made when there is a charge imbalance on an object. Also, the amount of charge relies on several factors, such as the texture of the materials, the contact surface area, the material separation speed, and the humidity level. Powdery substances are especially sensitive to static effects on weight.

So, when a static charge builds up on our hands, it will stay there until we transfer it to another item like a person or something metal. This is why we experience “static shocks.”

Static Charge’s Effect on Precision Weighing

Moreover, there are several ways in which daily items and actions can cause static charge in a lab setting. The examples include:

  • Wiping or drying equipment or surfaces with a cloth
  • Eliminating or putting on PPE like a hair net or laboratory coat
  • Putting down or picking up glassware while you are wearing gloves
  • Applying powder in a weigh boat

Objects with the exact charge negate each other, and those with opposite charges attract each other. This can lead to slight movement of objects. Plus, the attraction of particles along with any movement produced by static charge can cause errors in weight measurements.

How to Manage Static Charge to Ensure Accurate Weighing

Fortunately, there are steps you can perform to manage static charge when it comes to precision weighing.

  • Use an ionizer to eliminate static electricity
  • Utilize antistatic equipment
  • Increase or work in a humid environment to lower the risk of static charge


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