Weighing Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

the scale people Weighing Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

Learn more about a sample of our weighing equipment for the cannabis industry.

Would you like to learn how to manage the growth of your marijuana dispensary? The Scale People offer weighing systems and equipment services that assist growers and dispensaries at every process stage. Regardless of the part of the cannabis process, fast and accurate product weighing is a significant factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Learn more about a sample of our weighing equipment for the cannabis industry.

Weighing Application for All Stages of Cannabis Cultivation and Dispensing

The Cannabis Industry is a rapidly growing industry. But the industry must also follow regulations regarding the growing, cultivating, testing, and selling of cannabis products. In addition, we provide the following systems to assist cannabis growers at every stage in the process: wet weight, cut weight, and dry weight. During cultivation, we provide weighing equipment to weigh cannabis in bulk or as plants, such as floor and bench scales for plant weighing at different points in growing. This also includes hook weighing for hanging baskets. Plus, the scales are available with Metric software integration for weight reporting to state regulatory agencies.

Daily weight checks are routinely performed to ensure proper weight readings. We offer test weights for customers to use with their scales.

Dispensary Scales and Weights

Additionally, the “Deli Style” dispensing requires that you are compliant with NTEP or Legal for Trade regulations. This includes the scale, software, maintenance, and display. For more information on Legal for Trade scales, contact us today. Also, daily test weight measurements will determine the proper performance of scales between routine calibration. Even better, our weight sets are available in different weights and classes.

Quality Control for Cannabis Testing

The Scale People offers additional equipment that can be used in the quality testing of cannabis products.

  • Moisture analyzers – measure the moisture content of the flower.
  • Material Testers – test the product packaging, including screw lids, peel test, and more.
  • Pipettes for small liquid handling and sample testing.

Furthermore, our moisture analyzers will quickly confirm the moisture content of all types of samples. For instance, halogen and metal heating elements are available. Our moisture balances also examine the moisture content of pasty, solid, or liquid samples. Check out our services – calibration and repair service!


Since 1956, The Scale People have earned a reputation as the finest service provider for calibration and repairs of weighing equipment in the mid-Atlantic area. Our sales team can help work with you to find the best weighing equipment for your application. We currently have offices in Columbia, MD, and Newport News, VA, but we offer our services nationwide. Over the years, we have built up a long list of satisfied clients from a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and government manufacturing. We are a fully ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited service company offering calibration for balances, scales, dynamometers, force measurement, test weights pipettes, and more. All of our services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re only a phone call away at +1 (800) 451-9593. To learn more about what we do, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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