Scales for Deli-Style Cannabis

the scale people Scales for Deli-Style Cannabis

Many states have various requirements for the sensitivity of scales for deli-style cannabis.

Did you know dispensaries need a Legal for Trade or NTEP-approved scale and software system? Whether you are a cannabis producer or processor, one part of the required equipment is a digital scale to weigh the items sold by only weight. Plus, you must use a Legal for Trade Scale that is NTEP Approval, not just any weighing device. Many states have various requirements for the sensitivity of scales for deli-style cannabis.

What are NTEP-Approved Scales?

The manufacturer develops NTEP-approved scales for commercial weighing applications where products get sold by weight. Additionally, NTEP Approval (Legal for Trade) abides by Handbook 44. NTEP scales are everywhere, with applications ranging from delicatessens to weighing cold cuts at the deli counter to vegetables and fruits at a farm stand on the roadside, shipping centers for confirming shipping cost, scrap metal recycling centers, or metal buyers for weighing silver and gold and more. For dispensaries, they weigh out flower of cannabis strain for individual packaging.

An essential element of NTEP compliance includes having an indicator (display) to demonstrate weight measurement to the customer. In addition, NTEP scales receive routine calibration service and a certificate. All scales for deli-style cannabis dispensing must use an NTEP or Legal for Trade Scale with a customer-facing display that receives regular calibration with documentation.

Consideration Factors for Scales

Commercial scales are vital to cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail companies. While shopping for balances and scales for deli-style cannabis, you quickly discover that there are numerous choices:

Scales for Cannabis Dispensaries

Having NTEP-certified scales is critical when managing a medical or recreational dispensary. Scales for deli-style cannabis help control and verify inventory. Commonly, scales are at the point-of-sale dispensary system (POS). Scale POS helps automate and track cannabis items sold so they can reconcile against the remaining inventory.

Lastly, cannabis product weights integrate into a dispensary’s inventory. These processes help pinpoint lost products or theft when combined with the scales used at the time of sale. They also help ensure your dispensary abides by state laws.


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