Four More Industries that Use Dynamometers

Recently, we’ve gone over some of the basics of dynamometers. Originally conceived as a device to measure torque or rotational speed, today they are widely used as a force measurement device. Dynamometers have diverse applications, being useful in just about every industry you could imagine. We’ve already reviewed some of the key industries that use them. Today, we’d like to go over a few more.

Four More Industries that Use Dynamometers

Practically every industry you could imagine uses dynamometers. Here are four industries that regularly employ these devices.


In our automobile-centric society, most people don’t give too much thought to the rail industry. But electric railways remain an essential method of transportation for many people both in our own country and around the world.

Dynamometers make this technology possible. Without electrical energy transmitting from overhead wires, railway cars would not move. These overhead catenary wires need to have the proper tension to function. Dynamometers provide an easy way to check that the tension in these wires is as it should be.


Dynamometers aren’t just used in purely technical industries; they also have a place in the arts. Many stunts in films, television, and live performances are made possible with the use of guy lines. To keep performers safe, tension in these lines needs to be carefully monitored to ensure they are not over or underloaded. Dynamometers can do exactly that.


We’ve already gone over how dynamometers make local travel possible via electric rail. What about long-distance or international travel? It turns out that the aerospace industry makes frequent use of dynamometers to ensure that aircraft are as safe as possible.

The most significant use of dynamometers in the aerospace industry is for weighing the enormous engines of airplanes. But they have far more benefits than just that. Here are a few:

  • Replacing wheel bearings
  • Determining the force necessary to open/close doors
  • Measuring the force required to move aircraft from grass to the airport apron

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power plants account for roughly 20% of annual electricity generation nationwide. To produce so much energy, nuclear reactors make extensive use of fuel rods. Once these fuel rods are drained, they will remain radioactive for years to come and need to be stored safely. This involves submerging them in a pool of water circulated at the appropriate temperature.

To this end, we need to know the precise weight of each rod, and dynamometers provide the perfect way to measure it.


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