Main Uses of Dynamometer in Rigging and Lifting Industry

Main Uses of Dynamometer in Rigging and Lifting Industry The Scale People

These types of dynamometers have dual functions; that is, the absorption and monitoring functions.

A dynamometer is not a popular tool, but it is an incredible device that performs essential operations in several industries. So, what is a dynamometer? A dynamometer is a measuring tool that determines the torque, force, speed, and power of engines, motors, or pumps.

Types of Dynamometers:

Different dynamometers are specially designed to undertake various functions. The dynamometer has several applications and comes in four kinds that have other parts;

Tension Dynamometer

The tension dynamometers measure the rate of tension, thus determining the level of force an object can handle before collapsing.

Monitoring Dynamometer

The monitoring dynamometer is primarily used to determine the power required to operate a machine.

Absorption Dynamometer

The dynamometer determines the engine’s operating torque through the absorption of the energy it supplies.

Universal Dynamometer

These types of dynamometers have dual functions; that is, the absorption and monitoring functions. 

Uses of Dynamometers In The Rigging & Lifting Industry

The dynamometer is a versatile multi-purpose device used in several industries. However, the device exhibits several applications helpful to crane operators and riggers.

During A Chain Lift Load-Drifting Exercise

When undertaking such activities, the device helps the rigger by reading the tension and thus preventing equipment overload. Although the rigger remains responsible for determining the drifting situation, the dynamometer comes in handy in ensuring that the rigger remains capped in the intended parameters.

In Crane Operation

Operating a crane is not a walk in the park, and riggers should stand a load up from a horizontal position. That said, you can use a dynamometer from the crane’s hook to reduce the tension and as the lineman lifts to adapt the cargo tilt-up.

In Demolition & Disassembly Work

The dynamometer can relieve the strain from the demolition or disassembling apparatus. It is possible if the crew can determine the weight of a motor and gearbox on a bolted and grounded base; thus, the dynamometer is placed between the crane hook and the cargo rigging easing the strain. Besides, the dynamometer shows live tension reading; therefore, the rigging crew can keep the tension rate in check during the whole operation.


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