5 Key Benefits of or Overhead Weighing Devices

5 Key Benefits of or Overhead Weighing Devices The Scale People

Hanging scales and lower capacity crane scales might be used in food manufacturing or legal for trade applications.

There are different types of overhead weighing options: crane scales, dynamometers, hanging scales, or load cells 

Some Crane scales and dynamometers can weigh up to 500,000 lbs and are primarily used in heavy cargo transportation, construction, and manufacturing. Hanging scales and lower capacity crane scales might be used in food manufacturing or legal for trade applications. 

Wide Range of Weighing Capacity

Overhead weighing devices offer a wide range of capacities and fixtures which allows them to be integrated into different applications.  This makes such types of scales suitable for weighing heavy loads or for weighing of light products. 

Weigh Irregular Shaped Items

Platform scales will require that the items to be weighed fit perfectly when placed. Unfortunately, not all goods are available in standardized forms and sizes that fit perfectly on platform scales. Overhead Weighing Devices or Hanging scales can save you the hassle of weighing unusually shaped items. When weighing irregular-shaped goods on a crane scale, all you have to do is ensure the item has a secure handle or attachment for lifting, then use the scale’s hook to hold the item in place for weighing.

Easy To Use & Store

Crane scales are often simple to operate and provide only the essential elements needed for weighing. In addition, smaller hanging scales take up very little space compared to platform scales or other high-capacity scales. Their sizes allow them to fit nearly anywhere, eliminating the worry of storage. With larger capacity units, keep in mind the size of shackles and weighing fixtures. Components can get to be very large and heavy so wooden crates can be used for storing.

Improves Safety

Overhead weighing devices are also easy to transport. Instead of relocating the goods to be weighed, you can take the weighing equipment to the warehouse where the goods are stored. This lowers the likelihood of damage and accidents.  Units can also be used to make sure the load you are lifting is not going to overload the equipment doing the lifting. 

Saves Time

Transporting heavy loads can be time-consuming, and it frequently necessitates bringing your goods to the weighing device. Crane scales can easily be transferred to the item to be weighed, saving transportation time. Users can also lift and carry a load while weighing, which eases cargo transportation from ships or trucks.


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