How to Maintain Your Medical Scales

Scales come into play in almost every industry, but their use in the medical field is easily among the most important. There’s a reason you step on a scale just about every time you visit your physician; measuring a patient’s weight can help doctors gauge any changes in their overall health. But they have to be maintained so that they’re always in perfect working order. As a leading supplier of medical and dialysis scales in Virginia Beach and beyond, we’d like to take this opportunity to review the basics of medical scale maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Medical Scales

Proper maintenance of your medical scales is paramount. Take a look at this guide!

Careful Placement

Proper maintenance of your medical scales starts with proper placement. You probably already know that your scale should be kept someplace flat. Dialysis Scales might be above ground or in-ground.  We’re sure you already do this when your scale is in use, but keep in mind that it should remain completely flat when in storage, too—or else it might need a calibration sooner than is necessary.

Next, keep it on a hard surface—in other words, avoid carpeted or padded floors. This can interfere with your reading. Another enemy of your medical scales’ longevity is moisture. Try to keep your medical scales in a completely dry environment, and where there is no risk of fluids spilling onto them. Virginia Beach can become quite humid in the summer, so be sure that you keep the indoor humidity low in your medical facility.

Daily Maintenance

Every day, you should give your medical scales a quick examination to ensure everything is as it should be. Take a glance at all components of the scale and take notice of any visual damage. If you notice something, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to tell you whether it’s just cosmetic or something more serious.

If your scale is battery-powered, check the display for a low battery signal. If you see it, get the batteries replaced as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it dies—a low battery could begin to impact readings immediately.

Next, test your scale for accuracy as regularly as you can. Do not use exercise weights for this; instead, stick to genuine calibration weights. About 10% of your scale’s capacity is a good weight to test. Remember that your medical scales should be professionally calibrated at least once per year—more frequently the more use it gets. We’d be delighted to head out to Virginia Beach to assist you.

Occasional Cleaning

Finally, you should clean your medical scales occasionally. Ideally, you shouldn’t wait until they are obviously in need of a cleaning. Before you begin cleaning, verify that it is powered off and—if applicable—unplugged. Remember that moisture can do some serious harm to your scale, so you shouldn’t use anything other than a lightly moistened cloth to wipe it down.

Some mild detergents may be acceptable for cleaning your medical scales.  If you have an in-ground unit, please contact The Scale People to help safely remove and clean underneath. If you’re unsure, just ask us!

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