Paint Weighing Solutions

Paint Weighing Solutions

The paint industry requires maximum dosing accuracy to ensure everything is right.

The paint industry requires maximum dosing accuracy to ensure everything is right. In order to execute formulations to a standard, ADLER-Lacke wished for the best possible readability for the weighing of container tanks. If you’re curious about the best weighing solutions for paint, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn more!

Key Facts

Because environmental protection plays a crucial role at ADLER, the Tyrol-based company planned to build the most updated water-based paint factory in Europe by means of the “pig-dosing” technique. Fifty stainless steel tanks were weighed to the highest degree of accuracy for this project.

Applications and Products Used

Precise weighing solutions and other mounting kits for tanks, mixers, and container tanks were used. Some products that are used are S-type load cell PR 6241, Load cell PR 62201, MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6043, and MaxiFLEXLOCK PR 6001.

Customer Benefits

Professional consultation during the engineering phase with some clear demo equipment is one benefit for customers. Uniform load cell mounting part dimensions of about 2 – 30 t and easy installation of compact and robust mounting kits. These weighing scales are of German quality as well.

Project’s Goal and Implementation

The ADLER paint factory not only wanted to have slightly higher efficient production solutions for the production of high-quality and water-based paints, but environmental protection has also played a significant role during planning. This idea can be realized with the assistance of Minebea Intec’s weighing solutions and a brand new production facility. Since then, more than two-thirds of the 10,000 or so paints produced by the business are produced on a water-dilutable basis, making the plant one of the most updated water-based paint factories in all of Europe. Over 70 stainless steel tanks, 50 of which are actually weighed, have all been installed in the new production facility, as well as 4,000 valves and over 80km of pipes and cables. High-tech process control, modern plant technology, and a new production process with semi-finished products provide much higher quality, efficiency, and flexibility.

To learn more about the paint weighing process and how Minebea Intec’s tank weighing systems work, visit the Scale People today!


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