The Importance of Scale Calibration

Scales are crucial to ensuring the precision of measurements across a wide variety of industries. As time has gone on, the technology present in professional-grade scales has become increasingly advances. But, like many other forms of technology, they do require occasional maintenance. Apart from regular day-to-day cleaning, one of the most important maintenance tasks of scales is calibration.

The Importance of Scale Calibration

Why is scale calibration so important, and how often do you have to do it?

Why Do Scales Need Calibration?

To the newcomer, it might be a bit hard to grasp why scales require calibration. After all, you own a scale of the highest quality. But the truth is that, no matter the quality of your scale, occasional calibration is a necessity.

Think of your scale like an automobile—a more familiar piece of technology to most Americans. If you own a car yourself, you know that it will require occasional maintenance regardless of its quality. Yes, some cars may require less maintenance than others, but they all need the attention of a professional.

Professional grade scales require calibration for a reason that is not too different from an automobile’s routine maintenance. As time goes on and your scale gets more use, its components will withstand some wear and tear—even when used properly. Over time, this can lead to significant discrepancies in measurements.

How Often Should They Be Calibrated?

How often your scales should be calibrated depends on a couple of things. If you’re just a hobbyist, a decent scale might last for years before it requires calibration. But the same cannot be said when they’re used in professional settings.

Whatever your industry, calibration is of the utmost importance. To use a common example, let’s think of the medical industry. Medication dosages are administered according to the weight of the patient. If the scale used to weigh the patient gives an inaccurate reading, then this could cause a significant medication error. You simply cannot wait until readings are noticeably off.

But how often should your scales be professionally calibrated? Neither the FDA nor The Joint Commission provide an official recommendation on this matter. Still, a good rule of thumb is to do so at least once annually.

Here at the Scale People, we offer calibration services for a vast range of equipment, including load cells, torque wrenches, and even moisture analyzers. Hiring a scale calibration service comes with a slew of benefits, and are often a more cost-effective option than relying on an in-house calibration program.

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