Why You Should Calibrate a New Balance or Scale

In the world of weighing equipment, there are few topics more frequently discussed than calibration. If you’ve recently acquired a new balance or scale at your Norfolk facility, you may be reading up about how often you should calibrate it. There are plenty of guides on the web with good calibration advice. But they might miss out on one crucial step: you should immediately calibrate a new balance or scale. Here’s why.

Why You Should Calibrate a New Balance or Scale

As soon as you receive a new balance or scale, the first thing you should do is calibrate it. Here’s why.

Gravity Variations

If you’ve just received a new piece of weighing equipment, it may have come with documentation certifying that it was ‘factory calibrated.’ This is a good way for you to know that it was in working order at the time when it was shipped out. But you need to calibrate it once more precisely because it is now in a new location.

Gravity variations can lead to significant discrepancies in the readings of your balance. You may not think too much about it, but there are minute differences in the force of gravity at various locations throughout the world. The force of gravity is different in Norfolk than it was where your equipment was calibrated. As small as these differences in gravity may be, they can be significant enough to cause noticeable errors when taking precise measurements.

You should never assume that gravity at the factory is equal to that in your facility. Calibrating your new weighing equipment can account for the difference.

Loss of Calibration in Transit

As the new owner of a balance or scale, you may already have read about the importance of properly storing your equipment. In addition to making sure your equipment is kept far away from any moisture and regularly cleaned, you have to be careful to store it somewhere where it is not frequently bumped or jostled. Collisions with an analytical balance scale in particular can throw off the calibration.

It may be easy to protect your weighing equipment from collisions in your workplace or laboratory. But it’s far more challenging to account for these factors during transit. There’s no telling how many times your weighing equipment was bumped or jostled while on its way over to you, and how its calibration may have been impacted as a result. Calibrating it right off the bat can help ensure that these factors outside your control don’t alter the readings.

There’s nothing more important than starting off on the right foot with your weighing equipment. If you want to ensure that your equipment is precisely calibrated in Norfolk, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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