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Balances are precise weighing systems that can be used for a variety of application. This type of equipment will most likely be in the lab performing quality control measurements or weighing minor ingredients. Balances are sensitive pieces of equipment, ensuring the accuracy and precision is critical and sometimes regulated in your industry. Pharmaceutical companies need to comply with USP 41 in regards to Balances. It outlines specific measurements and procedures that need to be perform on the balance. The Scale People have experienced application specialist and service technician that can help you with finding the right Balance for your lab or servicing your balance for maintenance and repair.

Types of Balances

  • Precision: 1 mg
  • Analytical: 0.1 mg
  • Semi Micro: 0.01 mg
  • Micro 1 μg
  • Ultra-Micro 0.1 μg



Semi Micro


Ultra Micro

Accessories – Printer & Holders

Software – Q Apps

Manufacturers that we represent:

Services For This Product:

We have a World-Class Service department that can provide any maintenance or repair needs you have for any scale model or manufacturer. Services Include:


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ISO Calibration Certificate

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Advanced Calibration Certificate* no service ISons

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USP 41, SQ Min

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